Letters to Santa Contest

Santa organizes a Letters to Santa Contest every year.

Send a letter to Santa by Midnight (PST) December 25 for a chance to be awarded a $100 gift certificate. Santa, Mrs. Santa and the Elfs will carefully review all the letters to Santa and select the winner.

Here is the winning letter from last year's Letters to Santa Contest:

"Dear Santa,

I am 11 years old, and even though my friends tell me that you are not real, between you and I, I know that your real! I have been a great student and an awesome daughter, or so my mom tells me. Anyways, for Christmas I would really love a computer. A computer would be spectacular to have, because after school I have to go to the library to do homework. I feel bad making my mom drive me to the library after she has had a long day at work. Hope you enjoy the cookies that I will leave by the fireplace; I will even bake them myself, with mommy supervision of course! Hugs and kisses. Your biggest fan,

Alexandra, California"


1. You are a kid.
2. Mom, dad, grandma, and grandpa can participate only if they are young at heart.
3. You were good or bad this year.
4. You really want to write letters to Santa Claus.
5. Your letter to Santa Claus should be no shorter than 35 words, the longer the better.
6. You must have the consent of your mom, dad or legal guardian to participate, in
    compliance with the legal requirements of your country.
7. Your entry must be received with a valid email
    address so you, your mom, dad or legal
    guardian can be contacted in the
    event that you won.
8. Entry is free of charge


Midnight (PST) December 25.
If you agree with the contest rules and details, 
Email a Letter to Santa Claus to enter the Letters to Santa Contest.