Free Letters to Santa Claus

Write a Letter to Santa whether you were good or not this year!

In your free letters to Santa Claus, list your accomplishements you are pround of, name your best friend, tell Santa what would you like to get for Christmas, and thank him for the gifts he brought you last Christmas. Your can even write in your free letter to Santa Claus about your secret wish. Don't worry! Santa certainly knows how to keep a secret, he may even make your wish come through. Santa never shares any free letters to Santa Claus with anyone.

How to write a letter to Santa Claus

You can email Letters to Santa Claus, or write a free letter to Santa on your computer, then download, print and mail letter to Santa Claus. Show Santa how good you are at hand writing! Print a free letter to Santa template, write a letter to Santa by hand on that template and mail the letter to Santa at the North Pole. Santa will be very happy to get such special letters to Santa from kids and he is checking his mailbox regularly.

To show how much how likes to get Santa Letters, Santa made some very nice Letter to Santa templates for you and organizes every year a Letters to Santa Contest. Email a Letter to Santa and, if your letter is the best of all, you will be awarded with a $100 gift certificate. Mom, dad, grandma, and grandpa can email a Letter to Santa only if they are young at heart!

Other kids, like you, already wrote nice free letters to Santa Claus. Take a look at how to write a letter to Santa

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Here are some kind words from kids around the world:
"My name is Andrew. Thank you Santa for reading my letter and bringing me the laptop I asked for."

"I like a lot the letter to Santa templates, especially the one
 with lots of Christmas trees."

"I just wanted to let you now that Santa brought me
 exactly what I wished for."

"Love you Santa for this site, the gifts your
 brought me this Christmas and for 
 letting me change my mind."